Loan Closet


What is the Loan Closet?

The Quota Loan Closet is a service to provide recuperative equipment to Estes Park residents and visitors.  Equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers, toilet risers, crutches, portable potties, electric hospital beds, shower and bath chairs and more.  

We lend these items with a small deposit which is refunded when the equipment is returned.



For over 25 years, Quota has been offering this service to our community.  Money received through donations to the Loan Closet is used in two ways.  A small percentage goes to the maintenance or replacement expenses of the loaned equipment.  The balance is used toward the purchase and/or upgrade of Estes Park Medical Center's ambulances. When you see an ambulance from Estes Park, note the "Q" for Quota Club on the side.  


To Contact the Loan Closet

 Quota Club volunteers are on call 7 days a week from 9AM to 6PM for equipment loans.  You must make an appointment for the pick up or return of loaned items. 

 Volunteers are only on-site by appointment. 

Call Linda Polland at 719-337-3318 or 

Helene Ault at 970-586-4353 or 970-231-9483 

The Loan Closet is located adjacent to the Estes Park Medical Center Foundation building.